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I have started this housesitting adventure November 28th 2016. I’ve sold my house and decided not to buy or rent another one and travel the world! That was a big decision for me, because I have lived in the Netherlands my whole life!


A few months before my adventures started, I did some research because I never did any house sitting work before; only for friends, family and neighbors. I started my search for house sitting platforms in the Netherlands. I found two websites who match house sitters with homeowners. The sites are both trustworthy, is my personal experience. They have a lot of house sits in the Netherlands, but they also provide house sits in other European countries: (€ 70 annual fee) The house sit profile is very limited, but it works good. (€ 10 annual fee) You will get daily alerts of new house sits. You can only respond by email.

This website offers a lot of addresses in the UK and Europe, but also in Australia and North America:
(€ 99 annual fee). It is the largest website and probably the fastest growing. Very trustworthy. The annual fee slightly differs for different countries.


You will get:

  • Daily alerts of new house sits;

  • Verifications to enhance your profile;

  • Sit Vet Advice Line;

  • Member Services Support. (€ 17 annual fee) has a lot of house-sits, primarily in North America and Europe. You will get alerts if you enter your preferences. Trustworthy. 

I have no experience with or but I have recently added free profiles on these websites, so I will keep you informed!

Next year I want to travel Australia, so I will start my research for trusted websites soon. Tips are very welcome!

Do you need any help with writing, editing or translating your profile? Send me an email!

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BIg en Jantje
Lucy in Portland
Me with the kitty´s in WA
Whale spotting!
Shelly and me. 2017
So cute!
Alpha and Beta 2017
First selfie with Izzy
I love nature!
I took care of this baby!
Jack is waiting...
Mother and sun
Love this! In Warsaw
My darling Abby
Lovely Elmo
My neighbours cat, Alpha
Rabbit Whity
Fritz and Tommy
Dog of my neighbour
Izzy and Jack

I get a lot of questions about my house sitting jobs. People are really inspired and they are wondering if it’s possible for them to live the life of a traveling house sitter too. Of course it’s possible! And I want to help you in any way I can.


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