How to become a house sitter

I get a lot of questions about my house sitting jobs. People are really inspired and they are wondering if it’s possible for them to live the life of a traveling house sitter too. Of course it’s possible! And I want to help you in any way I can.

What do you need to start this adventure?
My answer would be: a goal. Where do you want to go? What part of the world do you want to visit? Why do you want to go there? Is it safe to travel?

It’s very important that you do some research before making a decision. Ask yourself another important question too: why do you want to housesit? Because you love pets? Because it’s cheap? Think about the reasons you want this job, because even when you don’t get paid; it’s still a job with a lot of responsibilities. Don’t underestimate it… Remember: house sitting is more than just free accommodation!

Still interested?
OK, picture yourself at that special place you have in mind. In the city, in a forest, in a home with pets. Feel how it will be to live there for a while. Does it feel good? Or do you feel resistance? Do you want to travel without any worries, or do you want to take care of pets and houses?

Enjoy fantasizing walking along the beach with the dogs, seeing the views. Imagine feeling the sun on your skin sitting on a terrace drinking coffee. Love the new experience like you are there already. If you really believe it can be true, it will happen. Do you know the expression ‘Life is an echo; what you send out comes back’? You definitely can create your own reality! The same thing happened to me. Watch the video!

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